Skate Park

Nicknamed “Planet Park”, is Japan’s largest public skate park. A dedicated facility to enjoy 3 types of competition: Skateboard, Aggressive Inline Skating, and BMX.

The varied landscape including flat and uneven surfaces, banks, rails, and bowl-shaped sections. It is suitable for all levels of skaters from beginners to advanced skaters.

The concept for the Skate Park was first developed and launched by a voluntary administration of the government (planning). In the wake of this, a collaborative effort by enthusiasts aimed to create and build an appealing and compelling park (network) by brainstorming and creating a development plan. Out of this, the Skate Park was born from a collaboration between the government and citizens; to grow together without forgetting the original intentions, a place for young people to put their feelings as a shining place on the planet. So out of the “planning” + “network”, the name was decided “Planet Park”.

Terms and Conditions of Use

To use the Skate Park, registration is required

For the safety and management of the skate park- For the conservation of the facility, there are equipment limitations.

Please read before use.

Persons not allowed entrance

  1. Those without a current annual registration card
  2. Children under 4 years of age
  3. Those who are not participating (without helmet or equipment)
  4. Children not accompanied by Parent or Guardian (from age 4 to 6th grade)
  5. If the equipment does not conform to the standards of the park

About Registration

Registration Application

(Please bring print. Update/Acceptance will be smooth and convenient)

  1. ID Card (Issued by a Public Institution to identify the individual to include Name, Date of Birth, Address) is required. Children will need their birth certificate.
  2. Junior High School Students are required to bring a signed parental consent.
  3. Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

1st page and 2nd are both required. Be sure to have both pages.

Please print and bring for a smooth and convenient registration

Hours of operation

  • 8:00-22:00 (competition playing until 21:50) *Can enter facility until 21:15

Admission Fee

  • 1 Day Adult:500Yen Children(Under Jr. High school): 250Yen


  • Total Area: approx. 4,100m2
  • Construction Material: Concrete
  • Age: 4 years and older

Warning Please, always follow the instructions of the attendant, or you will be asked to leave.

  • Smoking… Smoking is prohibited inside the Park
  • Photography equipment is not allowed … (only a small pocket mobile camera, or handy cam)
  • Food and Drink… Only plastic containers with hydration drinks are allowed. Glass containers are not permitted.
  • Riding without a helmet is not permitted (helmets are for sell in the main office)
  • Alcohol is not permitted in any quantity. Even if slightly under the influence, you will be refused admission and asked to leave.
  • Being a nuisance to others, and dangerous behavior is not permitted.
  • Riding outside the Skate Park is not permitted.
  • Other instructions from the attendant must be followed.
    Blatant failure to follow these rules and instructions will result in closing of the skate park. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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